What’s New for Thalamus – Fall 2023

Residency recruitment season is here! Welcome to #ERAS2024 #Match2024!! As we embark on the opening weeks of this interview season, we wanted to share the newest product enhancements and updates across the Thalamus Platform.

This year also marks the start of the AAMC Thalamus Strategic Collaboration! Since we kicked off the collaboration in April 2023, our development teams have been hard at work to integrate the flow of data between ERAS PDWS and Thalamus Core, Cortex and Cerebellum. We are excited to accelerate innovation and ease the transition to residency and fellowships for medical students, residents, medical schools, and GME programs. Collectively, our organizations will leverage data, technology, and expertise to transform the medical residency and fellowship recruitment processes for applicants and programs by increasing transparency, supporting equity through holistic review, reducing fragmentation, and improving the learner experience. We are excited for what we will deliver to the GME community over the next year! Stay tuned!

Along these lines, Team Thalamus is passionate about providing the most innovative recruitment software platform to the GME community. We are excited to announce our latest products enhancements to Thalamus, Cortex and Cerebellum that went live for the start of the season! Here’s what’s new for Thalamus – Fall 2023!

What’s New

Thalamus Core: Interview Event Types to Support Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Events

Program users will now be able to designate interview event types on their calendar events to allow applicants to better understand the type of interview being conducted.

  • Select from multiple options including Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person.
  • Programs can optionally specify a default event type. This will automatically assign the interview type when creating events.
  • Details are viewable to both programs and applicants.

Thalamus Core: Applicant Calendar Preview

The Applicant Calendar Preview allows programs to visualize how their calendar event availability appears to applicants in a view-only mode.

  • Preview your program calendar from the applicant perspective (and by track/tier) to better understand how the calendar will appear to applicants when scheduling interviews.

Itinerary Wizard Enhancements

The Itinerary Wizard just got a bit more wonderful! This includes an enhanced solver function to streamline creation of the most complicated interview day schedules.

  • A novel Itinerary Wizard List page displays all pending and/or completed itineraries created by the Wizard, and allows for multiple itineraries to be created concurrently.
  • Itineraries can now be created asynchronously, so users can navigate to other areas of Thalamus as the itinerary creation is completed in the background.

Thalamus Video: Bulk Notifications for Sessions

This new feature allows program users to bulk send notifications and automatic knocks to multiple active video sessions concurrently. This is in addition to our standard/manual notification and virtual knock features.

Thalamus Core and Cerebellum: Institution Manager Role

With more institutions and health systems joining Thalamus at the enterprise level, we have created an Institution Manager role intended for GME leadership (DIOs, GME Directors, GME Coordinators) which provides the following:

  • Thalamus Core: Institution Managers have full permissions to access all programs within a given institution.
  • Cerebellum: Institution Managers can access the Institution Dashboard, which provides aggregate data for all programs using Thalamus (as well as access to individual program views).

    Note: Beginning in the 2025 ERAS season, ERAS Analytics for Institutions will be sunset and reports will be included in the Cerebellum Institution Dashboard.

GME/Sponsoring institution customers, for more information or to request an Institution Manager role, email customercare@thalmausgme.com and include the name of your Institution and your ACGME Sponsoring Institution ID.

In summary, we hope everyone enjoys this latest set of updates! As always, we appreciate any and all feedback. We are already working on our next set of updates, and we look forward to continue to deliver value for all members of the GME community including applicants, program coordinators, program directors, DIOs, GME staff and more!

Have questions? Please contact us at customercare@thalamusgme.com.

Happy Recruiting!