Application Screening Re-imagined

Cortex is application screening reimagined with AI assistance that reduces program’s application screening time by up to 50%. Upload your application PDFs in bulk and let Cortex’s natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR) pull out aggregate grades, keywords, and other important data into either snapshot or comprehensive views for screening.

Promote DEI recruitment through a technology-assisted holistic review by blinding information from reviewers to eliminate both conscious and unconscious bias while they score applicants and write notes. Leverage program-definable applicant indexes to identify optimal applicants quickly and shorten your review cycle. Once review and selection are completed, all the applicant data transfers directly into Thalamus Core for streamlined interview management.

Complete your application screening process efficiently with advanced visualization and analysis that saves faculty time and program budget while facilitating a fair, equitable, and inclusive review process.

Trusted by over 2500+ programs in over 200+ Academic Institutions

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Enhanced Application Screening

Upload application PDFs in bulk as a zip file. Cortex uses two technologies known as natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR) to promote holistic application review by analyzing application information including transcripts, letters of recommendation and more.

  • Snapshot and comprehensive view modes.
  • Direct access to primary application materials.
  • Faculty scoring and notes.
  • Streamlined, aggregated application data.
  • Optimized screening and review workflows.

CorTEX Feature

Blinded Holistic Review

Programs can selectively blind application data to reduce conscious and unconscious bias while promoting a diverse screening process, taking applicants’ entire profiles and accomplishments into account. Stop filtering and instead develop objective selection criteria to foster DEI recruitment processes centered on equity and inclusion.

  • Blind any and all application data categories, including name and photo.
  • Ensure all applications are read and considered.
  • Take advantage of tools that encourage and support holistic review.
  • Supported by a diverse and inclusive advisory board to mitigate bias.
  • Maximize faculty and leadership review time.

CorTEX Feature

Data Visualization

Application data is presented in a user-interface optimized for GME recruitment including core clerkship and exam grades, educational and volunteer activities, publications and more. Cortex celebrates >95% accuracy across hundreds of thousands of applications so faculty can focus on reviewing key data rather than having to search or translate difficult to interpret transcripts and other application materials.

  • Timeline view of educational, volunteer and research activities.
  • Keyword searches provide deeper, automatic insights.
  • Streamlined dashboard navigation to locate and compare key application data.
  • Multiple view modalities provide a comprehensive summary of all applicants.
  • Track and monitor the entire review process in one convenient location.


Export & Integration

All Cortex data is exportable to both Excel and directly to Thalamus to streamline transfer of key application data, including photos, application pdfs and more. Track and manage data from application through the Match.
  • Applicants selected to interview transfer directly to Thalamus.
  • Simplified and streamlined report generation.
  • Seasonal archiving provides continuous data access.
  • Data easily integrates into Thalamus’ institutional/program data dashboards.
  • Centralized, encrypted and secure database.
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Rated #1 by applicants & programs

"Thalamus has truly turned our hectic recruitment season into a joy! We are able to focus more on ensuring we show each applicant why Duke is the place for them, rather than spending it hand-scheduling each applicant. It promotes fairness, effectiveness, and most importantly, efficiency! We will never look back on what we had prior to Thalamus!"

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Jordan Toole
Program Coordinator
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Duke University Medical Center

"I cannot imagine going through interview season without Thalamus! With a program as large as ours, having an online scheduling system in which applicants can schedule and edit their interview dates, allows me the time to manage all the other processes involved with interview season. We conducted over 260 applicant interviews this year; our highest volume year ever! This would not have been possible without Thalamus! Every program needs Thalamus!"

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Mary Beth Gresham C-TAGME
Residency Program Coordinator
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

"I recently completed my fifth interview season using Thalamus. I no longer spend countless hours on the phone or email scheduling and rescheduling interviews. Thalamus gives the applicant the control and flexibility to schedule their interview based on their availability, all the while, freeing me up to create the best interview experience possible!"

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Jackie Reyes
Residency Program Manager
Anesthesiology Residency Administration
Jackson Memorial Medical Center