Community Findings

As part of our efforts to make GME more equitable, efficient, and streamlined, we regularly host GME Community Forums: virtual, interactive events at which stakeholders across all of GME can come together to discuss relevant topics and share insights. Explore our our community-sourced findings, based on live feedback and expert recommendations, below.

GME Community Findings on Virtual Interview Best Practices

Based on Forum, hosted by Thalamus

GME will conduct an entirely virtual interview season for the second consecutive year, and based on the equity and cost savings resulting for both applicants and programs, it is expected that future GME recruitment seasons will continue to be virtual, or at least partially virtual. A program coordinator’s or administrator’s job is to ensure that interviews run as smoothly and effectively as possible for both the interviewers and the applicants. 

Based on insights gathered during Thalamus’ recent GME Community Forum on Virtual Interview Best Practices attended by 100+ GME stakeholders, below are community-generated and grassroots recommendations/considerations for how to accomplish a seamless and successful virtual interview season.

Without the ability to host in-person dinners, social events, or hospital tours, how can program coordinators and directors effectively convey the unique qualities of their institutions virtually?