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Treat recruitment season like the practice of medicine

Let Cortex assist in setting objective metrics to screen applications and evaluate candidates for match compatibility, especially with USMLE Step 1 soon to go Pass/Fail. Collaborate with faculty and program leadership to select the best candidates. Thalamus measures and reports back on all data from the interview season and into the match. Our new data dashboard provides post-match insights and data to evaluate your process and drive future recruitment decisions.


Use the system specifically designed for all stakeholders in GME

Streamline workflow by having all of your recruitment information in a single platform from application through the Match. Get off of spreadsheets and passing information by email. Thalamus, Cortex and our new data dashboard have everything you need for an optimal in-person or virtual recruitment season including video interviews, scoring/evaluation, rank list and data reports. >90% of program coordinators report increased job satisfaction in using Thalamus.

Provide them the tools they need for an effective recruitment season

Over 95% of applicants prefer scheduling and managing their interview seasons using a solution such as Thalamus versus traditional methods. Thalamus is the most preferred solution by applicants due to its enhanced features, mobile app, reliability, coordination and ease-of-use. Thalamus is the fastest growing and most used solution in GME interview management.


Feel confident in your recruiting with enhanced data security

Thalamus maintains a 100% success rate in IT and security screens in over 200+ institutions throughout the US and Canada. Our co-founder is a former program director, now associate DIO. Our CEO is a former resident whose programs utilize Thalamus. We understand how critical it is for the data to be protected and the system to function, because we have recruited in GME ourselves. Thalamus has achieved 99.99% uptime over nearly a decade serving the GME community.


Use a software support by evidence-based, peer-reviewed research

Team Thalamus includes academic researchers who are passionate about innovating residency and fellowship recruitment.  We are constantly studying the process, including how geography impacts the match, optimizing number of interviews per matched position, working with specialty organizations to provide recruitment season metrics and much more.  We are also always happy to collaborate on a burning research question regarding the recruitment process.


Train your recruitment team with support from the experts

Team Thalamus included former applicants, coordinators and directors who have all lived through decades of GME recruitment. In fact, our entire support team is lead by seasoned program coordinators, including those with C-TAGME certification. Built by GME for GME, Team Thalamus are the experts in recruitment.

Thalamus is used by the top residency and fellowship programs at leading academic medical centers and hospital systems.
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Rated #1 by applicants & programs

"Thalamus has truly turned our hectic recruitment season into a joy! We are able to focus more on ensuring we show each applicant why Duke is the place for them, rather than spending it hand-scheduling each applicant. It promotes fairness, effectiveness, and most importantly, efficiency! We will never look back on what we had prior to Thalamus!"

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Jordan Toole
Program Coordinator
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Duke University Medical Center

"I cannot imagine going through interview season without Thalamus! With a program as large as ours, having an online scheduling system in which applicants can schedule and edit their interview dates, allows me the time to manage all the other processes involved with interview season. We conducted over 260 applicant interviews this year; our highest volume year ever! This would not have been possible without Thalamus! Every program needs Thalamus!"

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Mary Beth Gresham C-TAGME
Residency Program Coordinator
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

"I recently completed my fifth interview season using Thalamus. I no longer spend countless hours on the phone or email scheduling and rescheduling interviews. Thalamus gives the applicant the control and flexibility to schedule their interview based on their availability, all the while, freeing me up to create the best interview experience possible!"

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Jackie Reyes
Residency Program Manager
Anesthesiology Residency Administration
Jackson Memorial Medical Center