Thalamus Advanced Certification Seminar 2021

Join the Thalamus Customer Success Specialists, a team of former coordinators and Thalamus expert trainers, as well as your peers for an interactive virtual certification training. Learn best practices, become a knowledge area expert, and learn to fully support your program and team on Thalamus.

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Join us as you prepare and journey through your recruitment season! Learn how to build and customize your program and run your entire recruitment season through Thalamus at your own pace. For complementary resources, visit the Thalamus University Online Academy, attend a live training session, or watch on-demand videos for asynchronous learning. For paid training options, register for a Thalamus Advanced Certification Seminar or custom training opportunities for programs, institutions, and specialties. Discover the possibilities and enhance your expertise with Thalamus”

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Thalamus invites all GME Program Coordinators & Administrators to register for a

Thalamus Advanced Certification Seminar

Taught by Thalamus Customer Success Specialists, a team of former Program Coordinators, these one or two-day long courses will walk you through best practices and help you become a Thalamus Superuser and knowledge area expert, so you can fully support your program and team. Attendees will receive certification of completion following the seminar.

The following is included when you register to attend a Thalamus Certification Seminar:​

Live Group Training Sessions

Each free course is a 45 minute training session held live virtually by one of our GME Customer Success team members. We welcome anyone to attend any session, whether an active and current Thalamus user, or just wanting to learn more about the features of our software.

Group 222

Program Setup & Introduction

  • Introduction to Thalamus
  • Review adding users and assigning roles
  • Adding program profile information (social media, attachments, etc)
  • Review and create program tracks
  • Review program settings
  • Archive mode
Group 222

Cortex: Application Screening

  • Importing applicants into Cortex
  • Algorithm and filter setup
  • Set up Keywords and Blinders
  • Reviewing applicants
  • Exporting from Cortex to Thalamus
Group 222

Importing Applicants & Managing Data

  • Applicant importing
  • Assign tracks & tiers
  • Create & assign tags
  • Applicant data review
  • Customize Roster layouts
  • View reports & exporting data
Group 222

Email Templates & Surveys

  • Customize email templates
  • Creating additional templates
  • Review email short codes
  • Customizing survey templates
  • Anonymous vs non-anonymous responses
  • View survey responses and reports
Group 222

Program Calendar & Inviting Applicants

  • Create calendar events
  • Manage calendar & waitlist settings
  • Inviting & scheduling
  • Review adding & modifying email templates
  • Create “Additional Template” emails
Group 222

Follow-up Interviews & Social Events

  • Creating and managing follow up interview events
  • Creating and managing social events
  • Applicant dashboard review for multiple event and social event types
  • Inviting and scheduling applicants
Group 222

Itinerary Builder

  • Review building an itinerary manually
  • Manage individual itinerary sessions
  • Publishing the itinerary
  • Printing itineraries
  • Viewing the My Schedule page
Group 222

Itinerary Wizard

  • Itinerary wizard walk-through
  • Managing individual itinerary sessions
  • Publishing itineraries
  • Viewing the My Schedule page
Group 222

Thalamus Video Chat & Master View

  • Published vs. Unpublished itineraries
  • Video chat testing
  • Managing the Master View
  • Viewing the My Schedule page
  • Using the interview panel
Group 222

Creating & Managing Rank Lists

  • Adding and revising applicant scores & notes
  • Creating additional rank lists
  • Review default vs additional rank lists
  • Mark applicants as Matched
  • Creating Match Composites
  • Exporting rank lists
Group 222

Cerebellum: Program Recruitment Data Dashboard

  • Review of Program Summary Statistics
  • Understanding DEI
  • Recruitment Outcomes
  • Geographical Recruitment
  • Interview Invitation and Completion Insights
  • Exporting data
Group 222

Cerebellum: Institution Recruitment Data Dashboard

  • Review of Institutional Summary Statistics
  • Understanding DEI
  • Recruitment Outcomes
  • Viewing individual program data
  • Exporting summary data
Group 222

Thalamus for Program Interviewers

  • Access applicant information
  • Review itinerary on the My Schedule page
  • Review Thalamus video chat
  • Review entering scores & notes for applicants
  • Review the interview panel
  • Updating user profile
Group 222

Thalamus for Applicants

  • Discuss and navigate the calendar page
  • Review the My Schedule page
  • Understanding waitlists
  • Review Thalamus video chat
  • Updating profile
  • Reviewing surveys
Group 222

Thalamus Holistic Review: Course 1A - Administration and Creating Scorecards

  • Understanding how to create competencies
  • Creating and editing questions
  • Building your scorecards
  • Managing your scorecards
  • Understanding reviewer weights
Group 222

Thalamus Holistic Review: Course 1B - Scoring Your Applicants

  • Understanding reviewer assignments
  • Reviewing the scoring experience
  • Entering scores for applicants
  • Understanding how to aggregate scores
  • Exporting scores

On-Demand Training Sessions

Prefer to learn on your own in your own time? We also offer many on-demand training sessions to view when it’s most convenient!

Custom Training Options

Private training / seminars are available to programs, institutions and specialty organizations.

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