Integrated Video Interviews

Thalamus helps coordinators deliver a world-class virtual interview experience while freeing up more time to spend interacting with applicants, faculty and program leadership during interview days.

Thalamus’ virtual interview platform provides a GME-focused, optimized virtual interview experience integrated directly with interviewer scoring and notes. Group meetings and breakout rooms are created automatically and linked directly to applicant and faculty schedules. Everything is tracked on interview day through a Master View, providing a streamlined virtual experience supporting program coordinator workflows.

Our virtual interview experience includes innovations like virtual knocks, that allow program coordinators to let session participants know their interview time is almost up, as well as participant-driven movement allowing applicants and interviewers to self-navigate through interview days.  Multiple video layouts provide ideal views to experience all types of sessions from orientations to 1:1 or group/panel interviews.

Trusted by over 2500+ programs in over 200+ Academic Institutions

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GME-Specific Platform

Thalamus’ custom virtual interview platform was designed specifically to support the GME interview day. Built on Twilio, the software is entirely web-based, requiring no installation for faculty or applicants. Create the ideal interview day experience seamlessly, integrated directly into Thalamus.

  • Unlimited concurrent interview, group and breakout rooms.
  • Assign conference and “hang out” rooms.
  • Multiple video options including dominant speaker and gallery view.
  • Full screensharing capabilities to present program information.
  • Easy-to-use interface for interviewers and applicants.

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Interview Master View

Program coordinators and administrators are provided a summary view of all ongoing, prior and upcoming interviews in one convenient dashboard. Effortlessly manage interview day events and avoid the hassle of shuffling applicants and interviewers in and out of breakout rooms.

  • Real-time information and feedback for all interview rooms.
  • Locate applicants and interviewers with ease.
  • Send “virtual knocks,” notifications and other reminders.
  • Join or close out meetings instantly.
  • Keep interviews on-time and running efficiently.

VIDEO Feature

3rd-Party Video Integrations

Want to use a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex account to interview applicants? Thalamus provides integration with the major video interviewing solutions for seamless inclusion into applicant and faculty schedules. Manage all information in one place to optimize the interview experience for all.

  • Easy-to-connect, api integration.
  • Automatically syncs with Thalamus’ itinerary builder and wizard.
  • Direct access to video interview links via Thalamus schedules.
  • Adjust and update links instantaneously.
  • Mobile app compatible.


Built-In Scoring & Notes

Thalamus’ scoring is built directly into the virtual interview environment to allow faculty to evaluate applicants in real-time or at any time throughout the process. Score and write notes which then directly integrate into Thalamus’ rank list functionality.

  • Customized scoring algorithm for applicant evaluation.
  • Easy-to-use faculty interface.
  • Automatic score calculation and note aggregation.
  • Streamline access to primary application pdfs.
  • Private, permission-based, encrypted and secure.
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Rated #1 by applicants & programs

"Thalamus has truly turned our hectic recruitment season into a joy! We are able to focus more on ensuring we show each applicant why Duke is the place for them, rather than spending it hand-scheduling each applicant. It promotes fairness, effectiveness, and most importantly, efficiency! We will never look back on what we had prior to Thalamus!"

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Jordan Toole
Program Coordinator
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Duke University Medical Center

"I cannot imagine going through interview season without Thalamus! With a program as large as ours, having an online scheduling system in which applicants can schedule and edit their interview dates, allows me the time to manage all the other processes involved with interview season. We conducted over 260 applicant interviews this year; our highest volume year ever! This would not have been possible without Thalamus! Every program needs Thalamus!"

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Mary Beth Gresham C-TAGME
Residency Program Coordinator
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

"I recently completed my fifth interview season using Thalamus. I no longer spend countless hours on the phone or email scheduling and rescheduling interviews. Thalamus gives the applicant the control and flexibility to schedule their interview based on their availability, all the while, freeing me up to create the best interview experience possible!"

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Jackie Reyes
Residency Program Manager
Anesthesiology Residency Administration
Jackson Memorial Medical Center