Announcing New Training Opportunities for the 2024/2025 Recruitment Season!

The Thalamus Customer Experience team is proud to share updates to our training opportunities to help support residency and fellowship programs in preparation for the 2024/2025 season. We’re thrilled to introduce the Thalamus University Online Academy, a new innovation in your training experience to become a Thalamus Expert! We have training options for applicants as well!

Our team of experts has customized an array of training options tailored to suit your needs, from free live sessions and office hours, to paid Advanced Certification Seminars and custom training packages. Discover the possibilities and enhance your expertise with Thalamus!

Thalamus Complimentary Training Offerings

Thalamus University Online Academy

Starting March 4th, 2024, the Thalamus University Online Academy is our brand new virtual learning module system, featuring training content available 24/7 for programs and applicants. Users can earn badges and track course progress on the platform.

Click the link below to register for an account at the Thalamus University Online Academy. Access is also available via the training and applicant pages of our website

Live Training Sessions & Thalamus Office Hours

To supplement our Online Academy, Thalamus will continue to offering its acclaimed complimentary, virtual live engagements with our Customer Experience team. Through July Fellowship recruitments and leading up to the start of the residency recruitment season in September 2024. Starting in the summer, we will shift to an office hours approach to allow users an opportunity for live Q&A during designated times.

As always, programs and applicants can reach out to our expert support team of former program coordinators/administrators at anytime for help.

On-Demand courses

For those that prefer a more asynchronous form of learning, we also have on-demand versions of our live training courses for you to view on your own time. This includes recorded versions of our live training courses, as well as shorter FAQ “snippet” videos.

Thalamus Paid Trainings

Thalamus Advanced Certification Seminar

We are proud to share that the Thalamus is expanding our offering to 15 Advanced Certification Seminars between April and September 2024 to support your program’s preparations for the 2024/25 recruitment season.

Led by Thalamus’s expert trainers, who are also former Program Coordinators, these one or two-day long courses will walk you through best practices and help you become a “super-user” and knowledge expert of every aspect of Thalamus. Attendees will receive their own demo environment to use during the training, a certification of completion following the seminar, and CME credit that can be applied toward a TAGME certification.

Register today to take advantage of early bird prices! Hurry, seats are limited!

Customized Institutional, Departmental, Program, and Specialty-wide Trainings

Custom training opportunities are available to institutions, departments, programs and specialty organizations seeking a more personalized training experience, either virtually or in-person. These experiences can focus on our products including Thalamus Core, Cortex, and/or Cerebellum, as well as broader GME recruitment topics including best practices in recruitment or holistic scoring/selection, or ways to mitigate program director/coordinator burnout. This option is great to train a large group of individuals/programs and is also lead by our team of GME experts!

We are thrilled to announce Thalamus University Online Academy as our new 24/7 learning opportunity for programs and applicants! We are also excited to continue offering our best-in-class complimentary and paid training offerings, now expanded to support the over 7000+ programs at 700 institutions using Thalamus!

Our comprehensive training suite, encompassing free live sessions, on-demand courses, Advanced Certification Seminars, and custom training options, is tailored to the diverse needs of the GME community. Elevate your expertise and streamline your recruitment season with trainings that provide a transformative training experience. We look forward to learning and partnering with you!

Team Thalamus

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