Thalamus Spring 2024 Product Updates

We are excited to share Team Thalamus’s recent enhancements to our leading GME recruitment platform! Our team is constantly innovating Thalamus, Cortex and Cerebellum, and appreciate and value the many suggestions applicants, program coordinators, program directors, DIOs and other members of the GME community submitted through our idea portal this past recruitment season.

Following the launch of Thalamus Holistic Review, our new competency-based scoring tool designed to promote and transform comprehensive screening, evaluation and assessment, in February 2024, we are thrilled to launch our next batch of product updates!

What’s New?

Interview Event Itinerary Communication

  • Send email notifications regarding finalized/published itineraries to applicants and/or interviewers directly from the itinerary builder!
  • Applicants and program users can now easily print their individual interview itineraries.

Reminder: For programs that are scheduling in-person events, itineraries can be created to include physical room locations. Interviewers and applicants can view these details through the MySchedule page and when printing itineraries.

Mobile App

  • Applicant users have an enhanced view to seamlessly manage all assigned program surveys, on the new Program Surveys page.
  • Applicant and program users can now access all interview itineraries for the entire season!
  • Program users can enjoy a new page to view all applicants, similar to the web experience.

Program Rank List

  • Reorder additional rank list tabs based on preference.
  • Programs can now shield/screen applicant photos on any rank list as an additional bias mitigation tool.

Program Administration Page

  • Manage bulk actions, including role updates and program access to all Thalamus products.
  • View and manage access for Cortex and Cerebellum within the Administration page.

Other Enhancements

Thalamus Video

  • Applicants and interviewers can add a custom title to display in Thalamus Video.

Applicant Updates

  • View previous emails sent by a program directly within the Applicant Dashboard
  • Optimized visibility to manage calendar filters for easy navigation.
  • Additional program survey enhancements.

More on Thalamus Holistic Review

  • Tested by 50+ GME programs this past year and launched to all programs in February 2024, our new competency-based assessment tool will help you master holistic recruitment for your program.
  • Learn more from our official launch blog post.

And much more to come!

As we prepare for the 2024/2025 recruitment season, our team is hard at work to release additional enhancements for Thalamus Products this summer including:

  • AAMC-Thalamus IntegrationComing July 2024! Stay tuned for more information from the Thalamus and ERAS® teams!
    • Streamlined data and document transfer between the ERAS® Program Director’s WorkStation and Thalamus/Cortex/Cerebellum.
    • Single sign-on: ERAS applicants and program users will be able to login to Thalamus using their AAMC username and password (in addition to their Thalamus-specific credentials) for streamlined access.
    • New reports in Cerebellum including a DEI matrix, language proficiency, work authorization, and year-over-year data, including integrated reports previously in ERAS Analytics for Institutions.
  • Updates to Thalamus Core including enhanced support of applicant tracks, support of additional data fields, updated screening capabilities, and more!
  • Updates to Cortex including enhanced word count capabilities and filters, support of applicant tracks, applicant-interviewer assignment, transcript parsing innovations, and more!

It’s going to be a great summer! As always, we are honored and privileged to continue to work with the medical education community to enhance Thalamus’ capabilities across the transition to residency.

If there is anything else we can do to assist, please contact us at

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the latest updates!

Team Thalamus