Announcing Webforms: The latest innovation from Thalamus to streamline customer support!

On April 27th, 2023, the AAMC and Thalamus announced a new strategic collaboration to improve the transition to residency with a specific focus on innovation.  In line with that principle and our growing user base, Team Thalamus is thrilled to announce that we have enhanced our customer support processes for the 2023-2024 residency recruitment season!

What’s changing?

Going live on Monday, 9/25/2023 at 7pm ET, we will be launching enhanced webforms created to streamline applicant and program support.  Now when users click on the “Help” button to file a support ticket at Thalamus, they will be prompted to provide additional details regarding their support request.

What are webforms and why were they built?

Webforms were created following an analysis of all Thalamus support tickets over the last 3 years.  They were designed around frequent themes and topics requiring support, while allowing users to proactively provide key information necessary to promptly resolve support requests, and minimize back and forth communications. 

This initiative was completed to innovate streamlined processes to support our growing customer base of over 6000+ GME programs at 650+ institutions and ~50,000 applicants annually, as a result of our prior growth and strategic collaboration with the AAMC.

Who do webforms support?

Webforms support all Thalamus users including applicants, program directors, program coordinators, program interviewers, GME staff and more.

Can we still email customer care?

Yes!  You can still email us directly at  However, we highly encourage you to use the webforms so that we can ensure your support needs are routed to the best team and expedite your resolution through more upfront information gathering.

What about phone support? 

While our team will provide limited phone support in cases where doing so will provide an expedited resolution, this is not a first-line offering.  Thalamus’s support processes are built around technology industry leading practices.  As such, we triage help requests through web-based communications and our support desk.  This allows our team to provide expedited service, including an industry leading first response time averaging less than 5 minutes over the last three years.  Ticket analyses have informed us that our team can provide a much expedited support process for a broader audience through text based communications and screenshots.  This further inspired the use of webforms, as a larger swarth of information can be communicated to our support team through this medium, than information which can be generally shared through a phone call. 

We are excited to be launching webforms as our next innovation into our customer support efforts and look forward to working with everyone for this upcoming recruitment season. Our team of GME experts is here to assist and we look forward to making this interview season the best yet!