Thalamus Statement on SCOTUS Decision on Race-Conscious Admissions

Statement from Jason Reminick, MD, MBA, MS, founder and CEO of Thalamus, on Thursday’s Supreme Court’s ruling that race-conscious admissions violate the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection:

“Affirmative Action has been one of the most effective equalizing policies in U.S. history. As a result, we expect yesterday’s SCOTUS decision to have significant and harmful downstream effects on Graduate Medical Education and the communities we serve. 

At Thalamus, our mission to ensure that the right doctors end up in the right hospitals to treat the right patients, remains unchanged. It’s built into our DNA and supported by our products, research, and public policy efforts. It is exemplified in the creation of our 401(c)(3) non-profit sister organization,, which was created to provide scholarships to medical students that are underrepresented in medicine (URiM) to cover the costs of applying to residency.

Decades of research have demonstrated that a diverse medical workforce improves health outcomes for all Americans. Yesterday’s ruling is deeply disappointing and was felt throughout Thalamus. For those disheartened by the uncertainty, we see you, and we remain committed to ensuring equity of access to medical education and becoming a physician. That will never change.  

We firmly recommit ourselves to this goal to expand diversity, equity and equality in the physician workforce. In particular, for the groups facing new systemic barriers, we will continue to work for you with unending resolve to educate, measure and learn. Through cutting-edge data analysis and constant innovation, we will continue to build a medical profession that reflects the diversity of America and improves lives regardless of individuals’ backgrounds.”

Thalamus is the premier, cloud-based interview management platform designed specifically for application to Graduate Medical Education (GME) training programs. The software streamlines communication by eliminating unnecessary phone calls/emails allowing applicants to book interviews in real-time, while acting as a comprehensive applicant tracking system for residency and fellowship programs. Thalamus provides comprehensive online interview scheduling and travel coordination via a real-time scheduling system, video interview platform, AI application screening/review tool (Cortex) providing technology-assisted holistic review, and first-in-class DEI-focused analytics dashboard (Cerebellum). Featured nationally at over 300+ institutions and used by >90% of applicants, Thalamus is the most comprehensive solution in GME interview management. For more information on Thalamus, please visit or connect with us on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter, or YouTube

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