A commitment to our Customers

I founded Thalamus after applying to residency during an eventful cycle when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. I know firsthand how important it is that the tools medical educators rely on function perfectly whenever you need them, especially during recruitment season. This year, the stakes are even higher with an entirely virtual interview season. That’s why I don’t take lightly any hiccups in the functionality of Thalamus. Last week, a limited subset of Thalamus users were unable to access scheduled video interview appointments during a 24 hour period due to a bug in our software. This is unacceptable. As soon as we identified the source of the problem, our team of engineers diagnosed and fixed the issue within 24 hours, ensuring that it will not happen again.

Graduate Medical Education expects and deserves the best from their support tools, which is why we’re making a pledge to improve communication issues as they develop, not after. Furthermore, we outline these concrete steps

  • We’ve added staff to our support team as of 9/21/2020, and continue to recruit for additional positions.
  • Our dedicated support staff will be available for peak support from 7am ET to 8pm ET, and will respond to all tickets.within 30 minutes. Our current average response time to tickets is 3 minutes.
  • We have implemented a new, more efficient escalation process for critical tickets.
  • Users will be able to track the status of their tickets in real time with our Status Dashboard, coming soon.
  • Continued compliance with uptime SLAs.
  • In rare instances of planned downtime for platform updates, Thalamus users will be notified in advance so they can prepare accordingly.

GME has come to rely on virtual tools more than ever, and to that end, we are scaling up our customer service infrastructure to support all our users in the best possible way.

When I started this company, I wanted to provide residency and fellowship programs with a service that would eliminate cumbersome processes and let them focus on the important parts of their jobs. We thank you for your patience as we work through this pandemic that has changed our lives in so many ways. I and my team truly appreciate your continued use of Thalamus. We know that you come to Thalamus for streamlined scheduling and incident-free video calls, and our guiding principles and mission will continue to be enabling residency and fellowship program leadership to focus on the work that matters. GME always adjusts to whatever the situation, including managing recruitment through the Pandemic, and the Thalamus Team is right there with you.

Customer experience is at the forefront of our identity, and if you have any feedback or ideas, we want to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at ceo@thalamusgme.com.

Stay safe and be well,

Jason Reminick, MD, MBA, MS

CEO and Founder, Thalamus