Podcast Episode 2: Holistic Review of GME Applications

Holistic review is a term we’re hearing more and more across GME recruitment, with good reason. It’s a more equitable and effective method of finding candidates that will enrich programs and thrive as residents. 

Traditional methods of reviewing applications have, in many cases, resulted in highly qualified, well-suited candidates being overlooked because of outdated standards and expectations. It’s important for program coordinators and directors to understand and properly practice thoughtful examination of applicants through holistic review. 

For our second episode of Thalamus Grand Rounds, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dawn DeSantis, Division Administrator, Graduate Medical Education, Department of Pediatrics at the University of Florida — Jacksonville. We had an insightful and productive conversation about how programs can implement holistic review practices, big picture qualities to look for in candidates, the importance of personal statements, and more. 

Listen to hear Dawn’s insights into the following: 

  • How to weigh scores against an applicant’s letter of recommendation and personal statement.
  • Identifying a candidate’s ability to have balance in their life: Do they have interests outside of their education? This is an indicator of how they might fare during residency. 
  • How to establish your program’s priorities, and fold that into a holistic review strategy. 

“When I look at an application, I need to make sure that the kind of program that we offer will satisfy and support the kind of trainee that I’m trying to recruit.” – Dawn DeSantis

Dawn DeSantis is an expert in GME recruitment and administration with over two decades of experience. She is TAGME certified, holds a Masters in Instructional Systems, is a co-lead for the APPD’s Mentor Group, Southeast region, and was instrumental in creating a virtual recruitment toolkit for program coordinators last year as part of the APPD Recruitment Research Group. 

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