ERAS Tokens: What Are They? Are They Important? How Do I Get One?

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Token is a one-time, unique access code provided to applicants which grants access to register for the residency application process via MyERAS.  For medical students, it marks the beginning of the 2020 residency application timeline.

Why are ERAS token important?

The ERAS token is necessary to register for the residency application process.  Without the token, an applicant is unable to apply to residency using the ERAS system.

How do I get ERAS Token?

Candidates are provided tokens based upon the type of medical school they attended.

What do I do once I have an ERAS token?

  • Upon receipt of their ERAS token, candidates may register for MyERAS.
  • Candidates may use the ERAS Residency Applicant Checklist to ensure all application materials are in order.
  • ERAS tokens are season-dependent. Should a candidate apply for multiple cycles, tokens from prior years are invalid. Please ensure you are using a token distributed for the current season. 
  • An ERAS token may only be registered once. Make sure that all information used to register is accurate and complete.
  • American Association of Medical College (AAMC) accounts are needed to register for an ERAS token. If an applicant does not have an AAMC account and AAMC ID number (8-digit numeric and unique ID number for each applicant), they will need to create an account with the AAMC. 
  • For those 3rd year medical students looking to get a head start, ERAS does provide MS3 tokens which grant limited access to update personal information and upload letters of recommendation (LoRs) in preparation for the following application season (during their 4th year of medical school).
  • Important:  Registering with MyERAS using the ERAS token does not register candidates for the NRMP, Military, SF Match, AUA Match, etc. Please read this blog post about the match process for more information.

How do I register for MyERAS?

  • Access the MyERAS application portal.
  • Log in or register for an AAMC account.
  • Enter your valid ERAS token.
  • Complete medical school graduation information.
  • Accept the AAMC Policy Notice.
  • Review your information carefully.
  • If you have applied prior, prior year’s application may be imported.  Verify that the data is correct and select the preferred LoRs.

For domestic US graduates, ERAS tokens are pre-distributed by medical schools with the MyERAS system opening on June 6th, 2019.  For IMGs, the ECFMG begins distributing ERAS tokens on June 25th, 2019 and candidates may begin applying in MyERAS immediately thereafter.

Note:  Not all residency specialties use ERAS for their application processes. The Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery specialties utilize a service called the San Francisco (SF) Match.  For more information, please review the SF Match homepage.
Now that you have learned what an ERAS token is, where to get one and how to use it, you’re all set to have a great application, interview and match season.  Whether it’s with our blog content or our premier interview scheduling software and management platform, Thalamus is always here to help streamline the process and assist you in Connecting the Docs!TM